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5 March 2015 - 4:51pm

The Executive Committee of EPADU met in the John Thompson Room at the

CSP, Bedford Row, on 28 November 2014.

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Items discussed included:

1. The Society’s decision to no longer take an active role in the production of

clinical guidance – this is now devolved to Professional Networks.

2. The delayed 2014 study day, Enhancing Women’s Health Practice, now to

run 11 March 2015, at the CSP.

3. The November 2015 study day, which it was agreed should be themed

around an MSK “Stim” day, to include sessions on delivery of drugs, FES

for neurological problems, muscle injury/function/parameters of diagnostic


There was exhaustive discussion relating to point 1, Tim Watson, EPADU

Research Officer, attended a meeting at the CSP on behalf of the PN 10

days ago. At that meeting it was cascaded that the Society has adopted the

NICE process for guideline development and going forward it will be the PNs

responsibility to flag up if a NICE guideline may be of general interest to the

PN. In that case a Stakeholder registration will be noted and if appropriate

the PN would be able to input into the specific guideline development.

The CSP policy around developing guidelines is now a formal process, and

PNs will be required to be totally compliant in order for the Society to co-brand

any published NICE guidelines. There are three levels:

• Writing evidence guidance

• Writing clinical practice guidance

• Writing evidence note.

The Executive Committee were all in agreement that this process is

particularly onerous on small PNs such as EPADU. There is not the nucleus

of members to help in these scenarios.

The Research Officer has already registered a general interest in receiving a

feed of forthcoming developments from NICE and has been inundated with

a plethora of information which has to be “waded through” and was seeking

possible assistance in this part of the process. Executive Officer Cliff Eaton

offered his support.

Regarding point 2, further information on the March 2015 study day can be

obtained by emailing the PN secretary on

Details about the November 2015 study day will be released in the New Year.

Meeting closed at 15.00.

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